In Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, we don’t have students in classrooms; we have young designers taking control of their own professional development in work studios and professional spaces that mirror the places in which they will work after they have completed their educational journey with us. On that journey they work with practicing designers and dedicated education leaders to evolve into innovative thinkers, ambitious new design leaders, agitators and game-changers. 

A series of small graduating shows won’t cut it – the big picture needs a big frame so we will showcase once in each state to promote the finest designers and their creative genius to the community and, importantly, to the profession.

This is their INTRO.
Moving into a world of ever changing design demands and the nature of employment being closely connected to personalities of each designer, we needed to showcase the incredible variety of skills, personalities and opportunities on offer. We did this typographically and extended the idea using kinetic animations of each letter. 
Check out the emerging designer's work at:

Created at Billy Blue Creative 
in association with Billy Blue College of Design

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