Aesop Procure

Procure: verb /proh-kyoo r/ To obtain something especially with care and effort.
Aesop advocate a healthy balanced lifestyle in association with the use of their products. The name Procure comes from Aesop’s endless search for quality and pure ingredients. Further extending this idea to consumers conveys the message of obtaining freshest quality foods for holistic health. 
Procure provides effective delivery of Anti-oxidents & copper to balance pigmentation of skin & hair, supplementing the synthesis of collegen and elastine. Contained in copper, an effective and practical way in which to drink liquids to prevent ageing, destroy unwanted bacteria within our systems and to eliminate free radicals. The copper allows the water contained in the puree to be gently energised before imbibing. 
Drinking from a copper vessel is also said to stimulate the brain while regulating the thyroid and actively helps aid better digestion.
Procure is an idea Aesop offers to customers.  The right anti-oxidants and botanicals impact on your appearance. Aesop recommends regular intake of balancing foods. Procure balances pigment of skin and hair whilst supplementing the synthesis of collegen and elastine, restoring the skins natural balance. Small traces of copper reflect another idea, stimulating the brain and immune system - a product for holistic approach to caring for your body.
A persuasion to eat fresh and pure for holistic hair, skin and mind health. Obtain fresh. Procure vitamins and minerals. Procure health.

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